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January 8, 2020

How Will I Get Paid after I’m Hurt at Work in New Jersey?

When a New Jersey worker gets hurt at work, and a workers’ compensation claim is opened by your employer, you are entitled to certain benefits, which includes getting paid while you recover from your injury.

How is my average weekly wage calculated?

In New Jersey, you are entitled to receive 70 percent of your average weekly wage when receiving temporary total disability benefits. The average weekly wage is calculated by taking the average of what you made each week for the 26 weeks prior to the date of the accident. If you have not worked for your employer for the 26 weeks prior to the accident, your average weekly wage is determined by taking the average weekly wage for the weeks you have worked for your employer. 

When I am entitled to temporary total disability benefits?

When a doctor authorized by workers’ compensation has determined that you are not able to work or can only work with restrictions that cannot be accommodated by your employer for seven or more days, you are entitled to temporary disability benefits. The seven day period includes weekends and holidays and does not need to be consecutive. Temporary disability benefits will continue for however long you are unable to work up to 400 weeks.

How much I am entitled to receive in temporary disability benefits?

In New Jersey, you are entitled to receive 70 percent of your average weekly wage as temporary disability benefits which is non-taxable. However, the 70 percent is subject to both a minimum amount and maximum amount. Regardless of your average weekly wage, for workplace injuries that occur in the year 2020, you cannot receive less than $252 per week or more than $945 per week.

The workers’ compensation statute requires that an employee who is hurt on the job must report the injury to their employer as soon as possible. Upon notice to your employer of the accident, you are entitled to three benefits. They are:

  1. All of your medical treatment and bills will be covered as long as you go to an authorized doctor
  2. While you are unable to work and healing, you will receive 70% of your wages up to a state maximum
  3. You are entitled to a “Permanency Award” – this applies to a functional loss or disability that is attributed to your on-the-job injury

Many work-related injuries are attributed to construction site accidents, slip and fall accidents, truck accidents, and car accidents, which often involve a third party or outside contractor. It is very important to seek the advice of a qualified and experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney to evaluate all potential claims.

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