Lyft Accident Injury
Over 35 years of experience. Over $100 million recovered for clients.
Lyft Accident Injury
Over 35 years of experience. Over $100 million recovered for clients.

Denville Lyft Accident Injury Lawyer

Lyft is a San Francisco-based rideshare company. Since the company first opened its doors in 2007, it has seen massive growth. Currently, Lyft operates in more than 640 cities across the United States and Canada, including throughout New Jersey. The Lyft app allows users to hail a ride with a few clicks on their smartphone. Lyft drivers use their vehicles to transport riders. However, Lyft allows drivers to rent cars from other companies to use when driving for the company. While Lyft has become incredibly popular over recent years, completing more than 1 million trips per day, the company has faced significant backlash due to the number of Lyft car accidents.

Lyft Became a Household Name in the 2010s

While Lyft’s main competitor, Uber, was the first to start transporting passengers in New Jersey, Lyft was not far behind.

Lyft users can hail a ride to any destination by opening the app, setting up an account, and clicking a few buttons. Often, a driver is just a few minutes away, making Lyft more convenient than public transportation or taxis.

Lyft users cite several benefits other than convenience. For example, users do not need to carry cash. Lyft even allows for users to split the cost of a ride. Users are also impressed by the company’s reliability. In terms of price, Lyft is often less expensive than taxicabs as well.

Overall, Lyft offers its users significant benefits. However, there are also problems with the service. Over the years, there have been countless New Jersey Lyft accidents, many of which resulted in severe injury to passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists.

Injured in a Lyft Accident?

Talking with a lawyer after a New Jersey Lyft accident is an important first step on your road to recovery. This is especially the case if you suffered severe injuries, requiring you to miss work or school. However, even if your injuries seem minor, you may still be eligible for financial compensation.

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What Does It Take to Drive for Lyft?

The requirements needed to become a Lyft driver fall into two categories: driver requirements and vehicle requirements.

Driver Requirements

Anyone who meets the following criteria can drive for Lyft:

  • • They must be at least 25 years old and have a minimum of three years’ driving experience;
  • • They must own (or rent) a qualifying vehicle and meet the state’s vehicle insurance requirements;

They must pass a background check that looks for the following:

  • • accidents
  • • DUIs
  • • history of criminal charges
  • • history of driving a vehicle while unlicensed
  • • reckless driving charges
  • • suspended licenses

In most states, including New Jersey, Lyft drivers do not need Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDLs).


One of the reasons why there are so many New Jersey Lyft accidents is that Lyft intentionally makes it very easy to sign up as a driver for the company.

Lyft Vehicle Requirements

Lyft requires that its drivers use relatively new vehicles. The company mandates that all drivers use a car that meets the following criteria:

Lyft Emblem

Drivers are required to display the Lyft emblem in the lower corner of both front and rear windshields while driving for Lyft, which helps passengers identify your vehicle.

Lyft Vehicles

  • • Must be made in 2004, or more recently
  • • Must have four doors or be a minivan
  • • Must have seats and 5-8 seatbelts for at least four passengers
  • • Cannot have previously been salvaged or used as a taxicab
  • • Must be registered in the state that it is being driven

New Jersey Lyft Insurance Requirements

Lyft Insurance Requirements in New Jersey

State law requires that Lyft maintain a certain amount of insurance on behalf of its drivers. Specifically, once a Lyft driver accepts a passenger on the app, they must have a commercial car insurance policy with at least $1.5 million in liability coverage for death, bodily injury and property damage. Lyft must also provide uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage of at least $1.5 million, which covers anyone who occupies the vehicle if another motorist causes an accident and does not have car insurance or does not have enough insurance to compensate the injured parties.

When not providing a prearranged ride, a Lyft driver must maintain liability insurance for at least $50,000 for death or bodily injury per person, $100,000 for death or bodily injury per incident, and $25,000 for property damage.

In addition to these requirements, the Lyft drivers themselves must also maintain a personal auto insurance policy. New Jersey requires all drivers have at least the following coverage:

  • Personal Injury Protection: $15,000 per person, per accident
  • Property Damage Liability: $5,000 per accident

What Is New Jersey’s “Limitation on Lawsuit” Option?

New Jersey is unique because it offers a “limitation on lawsuit” option for motorists. If you purchased a policy that includes the “limitation on lawsuit option,” you cannot file a lawsuit against the at-fault motorist unless you can prove that you have sustained a permanent injury based on objective evidence. However, if you are injured in an accident caused by a Lyft driver, whether you are a driver or passenger of the other vehicle or a passenger of a Lyft, the limitation on lawsuit option does not apply, and you will not need to prove you have sustained a permanent injury.

This is outlined in New Jersey law as follows:

“The limitation on lawsuit option outlined in subsection a. of section 8 of P.L.1972, c.70 (C.39:6A-8) shall not be assertable by a transportation network company or a transportation network company driver in any action for damages arising from a prearranged ride, or be asserted against any party not receiving personal injury protection benefits in any action for damages arising from a prearranged ride.”

Common Injuries Suffered by Lyft Accident Victims

If you were recently injured in a New Jersey rideshare accident, it is imperative that you seek prompt medical attention.

If emergency responders offer to take you to the hospital, go ahead and get checked out. If you went home after the accident, make an appointment to visit your doctor as soon as possible or visit an urgent care facility. The sooner you get treated for your injuries, the better your outcome will be.

Often, Lyft accidents result in serious injury to those involved. Common examples of Lyft accident injuries include:

Non-Apparent Injuries

Often, following a Lyft accident, your injuries may not be immediately apparent, and it is not until days or weeks later that you start to develop symptoms. Frequently, the initial signs of accident-related injuries include dizziness, pain or discomfort, and numbness or tingling. When you notice the onset of these symptoms, it is crucial to go to the doctor. Not only will this ensure you get the necessary medical treatment, but it will also help to prove the seriousness of your injuries should you decide to file a New Jersey Lyft accident lawsuit.

Talk to an Attorney

Accidents involving a Lyft vehicle may cause serious injuries requiring hospitalization, permanent disability, and, in some cases, fatal. At the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm, we have helped our clients and their families following a wide variety of Lyft accident-related injuries. If you have been seriously injured in an accident involving a Lyft driver, contact the experienced New Jersey Lyft accident attorneys at the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm to protect your rights and hold the responsible party accountable.

What to Do After a New Jersey Lyft Accident

If you have been involved in a Lyft accident, follow the following steps to protect your rights:

  • — Call 911 to report the accident
  • — Seek immediate medical treatment
  • — Obtain all drivers’ information
  • — Speak with any witnesses, being sure to get their contact information
  • — Document the scene by taking photographs
  • — Report the accident to Lyft
  • — Remain on the scene until police and emergency responders arrive
  • — Consult with an experienced New Jersey Lyft Accident attorney

While the moments after a Lyft accident will seem like a blur, this is also a critical time, both to your health and safety, as well as the ultimate success of a subsequent New Jersey personal injury lawsuit.

Do You Need a New Jersey Rideshare Attorney After a Lyft Accident?

Talking with a lawyer after a New Jersey Lyft accident is an important first step on your road to recovery. This is especially the case if you suffered severe injuries, requiring you to miss work or school. However, even if your injuries seem minor, you may still be eligible for financial compensation.

Lyft accident cases can raise many issues and are not always easy to prove. For example, the following issues can complicate what may otherwise be a straightforward case:

  • The at-fault party blames you for causing or contributing to the accident;
  • You or another passenger suffered severe, life-changing injuries;
  • The accident occurred in a construction area;
  • The police report contains inconsistencies or is factually inaccurate;
  • You do not have insurance;
  • The other driver does not have insurance; and
  • Your insurance company denies your claim.

If you are seriously injured in a Lyft accident, consulting with a personal injury attorney is always prudent to ensure your rights are protected. At the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm, we offer all Lyft accident victims a free consultation to answer any questions and explain the recovery process. We will never pressure you to file a case; our role is to inform you of your options so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Wrongful Death Cases Following Lyft Accidents

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in New Jersey and across the United States. Often, fatal car accidents involve distracted driving, aggressive driving, running red lights, disobeying traffic signals and even drunk driving. These deadly car accidents can involve other cars, Lyft drivers or other rideshare vehicles, motorcycles, buses, trucks, delivery drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

If you have lost a loved one in a Lyft accident, you are entitled to bring a claim against the at-fault party for the wrongful death of your loved one. Through a New Jersey wrongful death claim, you can recover compensation to help you deal with the financial impact of your loss.

Contact Todd J. Leonard for Immediate Assistance With Your New Jersey Lyft Accident Claim

Millions Recovered

If you have been seriously injured, or sadly, lost a loved one in a New Jersey Lyft accident, contact one of the dedicated New Jersey Lyft Accident Lawyers at the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm to discuss your rights. Our New Jersey personal injury attorneys have over 35 years of experience aggressively representing seriously injured clients and their families in all types of claims, including New Jersey wrongful death cases. We have successfully served thousands of clients, recovering over $100 million on their behalf.

Free Consultations

The firm’s founder, Attorney Todd Leonard, has devoted his entire legal career to helping his clients recover the compensation they need and deserve from the parties responsible for their injuries. To learn more about how we can help you pursue a compensation claim, give us a call today at (973) 920-7900 to request a free and confidential consultation. There is no risk in calling because we never charge a fee unless we can help you recover compensation for your injuries. We have offices conveniently located in Denville and Morristown.

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