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Bone fractures are particularly painful injuries that are among the most commonly suffered in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and sports-related injuries. Fractures are an umbrella term for a variety of bone splits and breaks—typically, the messier the break, the longer the injury will take to heal. While they are a common injury, bone fractures severely limit mobility and can prevent you from going about a wide range of daily activities. This is especially true if the fracture was suffered in the skull, neck, spine, ribs, or joints. These injuries not only expose you to difficulty in movement, but potential internal organ damage and lengthy recovery periods as well. Fractures typically take weeks, if not months, to fully recover. As a result, unearned wages and lost time at work cause significant financial strain for those who must manage this injury.

Fractures significantly disturb your daily life, forcing you to contend with all of the unforeseen challenges of losing full function of the affected area. If the fracture was caused by an accident through no fault of your own, dealing with the consequences of this injury can be infuriating. Negligent individuals put unsuspecting victims’ safety at risk every day and at Todd J. Leonard Law Firm, our New Jersey bone fractures attorneys believe the least you deserve is restitution for the losses you have been forced to endure. The pain of your injury, mounting medical bills, property damage, and a disruption in your work schedule are all undue burdens you now must carry, but our skilled legal team can fight to hold the negligent party accountable for your injuries so you can recover without the added worry of financial strain.

Types of Fractures

With bone breaks, the length of the recovery period is dependent on the nature of the fracture. The healing process of clean breaks is typically shorter than splits that cause the bone to shatter into several pieces. Commonly suffered fractures include:

  • Compound fracture
  • Displaced fracture
  • Closed fracture
  • Open fracture
  • Impacted fracture

Unfortunately, once a bone is fractured, the risk of reinjury is always present. The fracture attorneys at Todd J. Leonard Law Firm can work for your just compensation so you are able to manage the short-term and long-term effects of this injury.

Contact a Fracture Lawyer in New Jersey

The pain of a bone fracture can be excruciating—so much so, it can impede your ability to go about your normal lifestyle and work duties. If you have suffered a bone fracture, don’t hesitate to contact the well-versed legal team at Todd J. Leonard Law Firm. Our fracture attorneys have a wealth of experience in obtaining damages for fracture injuries caused by negligence and can pursue financial compensation for your losses. Reach out to us today by calling our New Jersey offices at to discuss your case in further detail.

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