February 23, 2024

Help! I Was Bitten by a Dog!

Were you attacked by a dog? Dog bites can lead to serious injuries, disfigurement, the need for surgery and a dangerous loss of blood. Also, the bites can easily get infected, leading to illnesses and required medical care. If you have been attacked by a dog, you need to speak with an experienced Morris County New Jersey personal injury lawyer at the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm right away. Our New Jersey accident lawyers are committed to providing you with quality representation and helping you to achieve the compensation to cover your medical bills and lost wages during recovery.

Who is liable in a dog attack?

In most cases, the individual who owns the dog is liable in a dog bite case. If you are at the park and are attacked by a dog that is roaming around while the owner reads a book, you can sue that owner for negligence. You can also sue a neighbor who allows their dog to roam around the neighborhood or any individual who fails to maintain control of their animal.

Dog owners can be held liable even if they were not aware that their dog was dangerous. If the dog was owned by an organization or business, the company may be accountable. You may be able to file a premises liability claim if the dog attacked on a certain property where the dog was not handled properly (such as at a dog grooming facility, pet store, or dog show).

What sort of damages can I receive for a dog attack?

You may be able to achieve damages for:

  • Loss of income during recovery
  • Medical bills
  • Future medical care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

You will want to talk with our New Jersey injury lawyers to learn about the specific damages that would be applicable in your situation.

Pitbulls are generally considered the most dangerous type of dog and the animal that is most prone to attack a stranger. Still, all sorts of dogs, both big and small, can become aggressive when provoked. Territorial dogs may attack when you are visiting a friend in their home, or some pets may attack when in pain.

Dog attacks are a serious issue, and are not something that you should take lightly. Don’t hesitate to call the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm today if you want to file a lawsuit against a dog owner after a dog attack incident. We can also help you to file a claim on behalf of your child if your young one was attacked by a dog. Most dog attacks involve children. We can help you to get compensation you deserve for all the medical costs and any future medical expenses that have to do with the injuries.

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