May 25, 2012

Investigating serious and fatal accidents in New Jersey

The Todd J. Leonard Law Firm has been investigating and evaluating serious personal injury claims and wrongful death claims following all types of accidents for over 25 years throughout New Jersey. We have specialized knowledge on what information is available following all types of accidents including motor vehicle accidents, auto accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, taxi- cab accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, go-ped accidents, scooter accidents, as well as bicycle accidents.

In serious and fatal accidents it is very common for the police to conduct a full investigation into the accident which can include accident reconstruction, scene videography and photography, measurements, scaled drawings, witness interviews, and other analysis. In most instances the police cruiser will capture the scene of the accident or other evidence on their on board video player.

It is essential that requests be made as soon as possible to obtain any and all videos or photos of the scene. Also CAD (computer aided dispatch) entries and radio transmissions provide tremendous sources of information, including the precise time of the 911 calls, witness statements and other observations made concerning the accident. On fatal accidents there will be medical examiner documents available including the certificate of death, autopsy, photographs and other evidence. Also very often the local county prosecutors office will investigate serious personal injury accidents and fatal accidents and there will be additional information and evidence to analyze.

We have handled numerous cases where the police and prosecutors investigative materials were critical to the outcome of case.

At the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm we work with professional engineers, accident reconstructionists, and investigators to obtain key evidence following an accident, and to evaluate all relevant information on the happening of the accident and the causation of same.

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