January 23, 2015

Unseen Dangers of Black Ice in New Jersey

Black ice is one of the biggest unseen winter dangers. Formed when ice crystals freeze in a way that causes them to be transparent, motorists and pedestrians may not even realize that they are passing over black ice until they fall or skid. Anywhere that experiences precipitation and freezing or near freezing temperatures in the winter months must be cautious of black ice, including those living in New Jersey.

What should I do if I encounter black ice

Since black ice is formed without air bubbles, it is usually slicker than other types of ice on the roadways. When shoes and tires pass across the surface of the ice, they will have a difficult time gripping on the surface and gaining traction. We all have experience that suddenly loss of traction either on the roads or while walking and it is extremely scary.There are areas that are prone to develop black ice such as in mountainous areas or low lying areas. Always, be vigilant when driving in the winter because even on the clearest days with no precipitation, black ice can form. If you do encounter areas of black ice please drive carefully and notify your local police department and public works department of the presence of black ice so that all motorists can travel through the area safely.

These are some tips that can help protect individuals from the dangers of black ice:

  • Be extra cautious in the morning or early evening or when there is a sudden drop in temperatures
  • Pay attention to signs warning of black ice danger
  • When driving, take your foot off the gas and steer in the direction of the skid until you gain control
  • Be wary when crossing bridges or overpasses that can freeze quicker
  • Slow down when walking or driving in the winter
  • Look ahead for safe spaces that you can get to if you encounter ice
  • Avoid walking or driving in shaded areas
  • Be careful if you see any shiny or wet surfaces. Even though they look wet, very often it is black ice.

Accidents occurring on black ice can result in some of the deadliest of winter accidents and most serious injuries. When you have suffered an injury caused by black ice, you will likely need immediate medical assistance. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may able be able to hold another party accountable for the accident.

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