Winter Driving Safety Tips for Truck Drivers and Other Motorists

Posted on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014    

The New Jersey Motor Truck Association (NJMTA) recently released tips for how drivers of trucks and other vehicles can remain safe in winter weather. Some of these tips include the following:

  • Know Your Route: You should map out your route ahead of time so that you are prepared to exit off the highway, if necessary.
  • Clear Ice From Your Vehicle: Ice and snow on your windshield, windows and roof can reduce visibility, create blind spots and create hazards for other people (as the snow and ice can fly off and hit other vehicles).
  • Look for Black Ice: When temperatures hit freezing or close-to-freezing levels, black ice often forms on the road. This is a thin, clear lawyer of ice that covers parts of the road, which makes the roadway slippery and extremely hazardous. The road will usually look slightly wet when it is covered with black ice. NJMTA says the signs of black ice include the following:
    • A road that looks slightly wet
    • The build-up of ice on your vehicle’s antenna, the top corners of your windshield and the arms of your mirror
    • You no longer see the spray coming from the tires on the vehicle ahead of you
  • Reduce Your Speed: When you have winter weather conditions, it is vital that you drive slower than usual, as slick and icy roads create higher levels of hazard. You should also leave more space between you and the vehicles around you.

There are also other important safety tips that should be considered, such as these tips from AAA:

  • Accelerate and decelerate more slowly.
  • Do not “power up” (or apply extra gas) when going up hills. Doing this on a road that is covered with snow can cause your wheels to spin. Instead, you should let the momentum build before you get to the hill. You should slow down as you get to the top of the hill and slow down even more as you go downhill.
  • Avoid unnecessary stops, such as by slowing down and letting your vehicle roll forward in order to give time for the light to change.

By following these and other winter safety driving tips, you may be able to avoid causing a motor vehicle accident. People are expected to drive more carefully when winter weather strikes. Failure to drive with the adequate level of caution in these situations can be considered negligence, which could be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. If you need to file a claim or lawsuit after a weather-related auto accident, our New Jersey personal injury lawyers at the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm are ready to help. Todd Leonard is a certified civil trial lawyer and the firm has over 25 years of experience. Contact us at and find out how you can receive a free case evaluation!

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