July 30, 2014

Swimming Pools: The Hidden Dangers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports 10 people die every single day as a result of unintentional drowning and even more sustain serious injury in swimming pool related accidents including traumatic brain injuries, cervical cord injuries, and fractures. A swimming pool can pose a serious risk to a person of any age. Some of the worst dangers are those which are hidden or not easily recognized. Excessive or insufficient use of chlorine and other pool chemicals can result in the spread of waterborne disease and life-threatening illness. Most people fail to recognize the dangers with swimming in a pool or allowing their children to do so.

The type of materials used in the deck area around a pool will determine how slippery the surface will become when wet, and the potential for slip and fall accidents. Drains and drain covers are not something most people would think may cause a risk. If an individual were to get a finger, toe, hair or clothing stuck in a drain cover it could lead to a near-drowning or drowning. An improperly installed or maintained pool light could cause an individual to be electrocuted. Floatation devices and inflatable toys often give parents a false sense of security. These types of items should not be used in place of constant supervision.

We urge all adults to properly and constantly supervise any children that are in their swimming pool or spas at all times. Sadly in an extremely short period of time, toddlers or young children can gain access to your swimming pool with devastating consequences. We would also recommend that there are appropriate safety barriers including fencing around all pools and that spas are properly secured and covered when not in use. It is vitally important that your children and visitors with young kids understand the risks associated with swimming and that there should be clear communication on what you expect as a home owner regarding your pool or/spa use.

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