April 16, 2024

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Stress Injuries in New Jersey

Obtaining compensation for carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries can be both confusing and difficult. When a fall or equipment failure results in a broken bone or other injury, you file an accident report and go immediately to the doctor. But what do you do when you notice pain in your hands, wrists or arms over time, are not sure of the cause and do not know who can help?

The attorneys of the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm, can provide immediate and effective legal help. Todd’s father founded our firm 25 years ago. Since then, the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm has worked to assist workers facing a broad range of work-related injuries and industrial diseases.

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress, you may be eligible for a Workers’ Compensation claim. The Workers’ Compensation system was designed to assist workers who are injured, have experienced temporary or permanent disability.

We can help you find knowledgeable medical care providers who can conduct the tests that are necessary to demonstrate injuries incurred from carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress. We can then manage your case and argue both for its approval and for the full compensation you are owed. We can also handle you appeal, including an appeal for an initial case we did not handle.

When you are injured at work, you don’t have time for the delays that can occur when procedural errors are made. Instead, have your case managed efficiently and quickly by contacting our office at (973) 920-7900.

Mr. Leonard’s law firm constantly kept in touch

and on top of my problems. They were quick to respond to my legal needs and were very attentive and showed real concern to my issues. I highly recommend them to anyone needing legal representation.

- Leslie W.
Todd and his staff were courteous and caring about my personal well-being.

They were knowledgeable and settled my case in an expedited manner. I really felt they were on my side the whole way. Thank you Todd and staff for excellent treatment!

- B.H.
He was relentless

until the case was fully settled and all was in our favor. Thank you so much. We highly recommend his office to anyone.

- E. and M.
I highly recommend using this law firm.

My lawyer Paul Paravati was always available there for me and gave me first rate service.

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- P.S.
Todd Leonard and his staff made me feel like family.

Trust me, he will take you into his hands and take care of all your personal injury legal matters. They are friendly, professional, and go out all the way for you. Thank you Todd Leonard and staff.

- Frank O.