Benefits of Hiring a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

Is it necessary to obtain an attorney for my case?

While it is not required or mandatory to hire a lawyer when pursuing restitution in a personal injury case, there are significant benefits to seeking an attorney. On your own, it is possible to attempt seeking out financial help. However, there is also the potential you could be taken advantage of by the other party’s insurance company or even your own. Having a knowledgeable and experienced New Jersey injury attorney by your side could make all the difference in the amount of recovery money you receive when all is said and done.

Knowledge of New Jersey State Laws

The statutes, procedures, and legal processes for every personal injury case vary from state to state. In New Jersey, there are specific codes and laws that define the notice requirements for your accident case, the amount of compensation available to you, who will be at fault for your injuries, and who will have to pay for what. It is highly unlikely that you have a complete understanding of these laws, and without an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer, it could be extremely detrimental to your case settlement.

By hiring a lawyer with extensive experience, significant case results, accolades, and achievements to back up their reputation, you can rest easy knowing the attorney will work hard to get you or your loved ones the maximum compensation possible. For over 25 years, Attorney Todd Leonard has proven himself time and again. Todd Leonard is Certified by the Supreme Court as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney and is also a Life Member of the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®. This honor was bestowed upon him for his achievement in obtaining millions in settlements for past clients. He was also included in the list of New Jersey Super Lawyers® for 2011, 2013, and 2014.

How can our New Jersey accident lawyers help your case?

Not only is it extremely valuable to have a New Jersey personal injury attorney represent you who clearly understands the details of your case, it is equally important to have someone who can represent your communications. The negotiations with insurance companies are one of the most vital pieces of your case that can ultimately decide the amount of compensation you receive. The defendant’s insurance company may not fairly evaluate your accident case and may not negotiate in good faith.

Sometimes, you have to look to your own insurance company in a car accident, especially when the defendant who caused your injury is uninsured or underinsured. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for your own car insurance company to treat you unfairly. Our knowledgeable New Jersey accident lawyers will be able to value your case properly by examining all aspects of your situation, looking at the evidence, and talking with witnesses. This communication will give you leverage when speaking with your insurance company. By having a hard-hitting personal injury lawyer to communicate with insurance companies, they will not be able to get away with any bad faith practices such as denying, delaying, or dismissing your claims.

Additionally, when it is time to go to court, you do not have to be anxious about getting up in front of the judge and explaining the case details if you have an attorney. An eloquent and persuasive lawyer can speak on your behalf, saving you the added stress you would otherwise endure, not to mention the time it would take to prepare the case. Seeking to protect your rights above all else, an injury lawyer can also see to it that you are treated fairly by both the other party and the judge.

As discussed above, Todd Leonard is a Certified Civil Trial Lawyer. This means he not only passed rigorous exams and other specific requirements, but other judges and lawyers also approved him as a legal representative with an outstanding reputation and exemplary character. Only 2% of the attorneys in all of New Jersey are able to claim this accolade as their own. With this kind of experience, it is no wonder he has been able to achieve up to $30 million for a motor vehicle accident case.

Protecting Your Rights Following Serious Personal Injury Accidents

Our New Jersey accident lawyers are committed to providing outstanding personal injury representation in all types of serious personal accidents, including wrongful death accidents. You will receive personal attention and we will do our best to make sure you obtain the compensation you deserve.

With a call center available 24/7, we understand accidents can happen any time of the day or night. Keeping this in mind, we want to be easily accessible. We are fluent in Spanish as well as English. If you would like further information about our firm and history of obtaining substantial compensation for our clients, please visit our client testimonials or settlements page.

We offer a free consultation and encourage you to get in touch with our New Jersey injury lawyer office in Morristown, Denville, Newark, or Woodbridge immediately so that we can protect your rights.

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