Injured On the Job Due to Icy Conditions?

Posted on Thursday, February 6th, 2014    

As of late, the frigid weather throughout New Jersey has resulted in a mix of rain, sleet, snow and ice, causing extremely dangerous conditions. In Morris County recently as a result of multiple storms, snow and ice is present on not only the roadways but many sidewalks and parking lots.

Examples of Slip and Fall Incidents on the Job

With all of this ice and snow, there is a greater potential for more accidents. For those that work outside, or work in an environment where they have to walk on the ice or snow, this weather could result in serious slip and fall incidents. For example:

  • If an employee of a delivery or mail company is out on their route when they slip on an icy step or sidewalk, they could be left with life-altering damage including broken bones or head trauma.
  • For those that work in office buildings, if they trip and fall in an icy parking lot or icy entrance walkway/sidewalk, they could be left with serious injuries.
  • Drivers who get rear-ended while on the job, due to icy or snowy road conditions could be left with whiplash, fractures, and spinal cord injuries.

Pursuing Legal Action

Typically an incident involving a slip and fall is considered a premises liability claim. Under New Jersey State law, every property owner or manager is required to keep their property reasonably safe to avoid injuries. If there are hazards in a workplace, often the employer does not own the property or there are outside contractors responsible to maintain and inspect the snow and ice conditions.

If a person is injured while working due to improperly plowed sidewalks, they may be able to file a claim not only against the property owner, but also the property management company. In cases where a snow plow company was supposed to take care of the unsafe walkways and parking lots and did not complete their job properly, then the injured worker/individual could even pursue claims against the snow plow company. It is necessary that when pursuing premises liability claims that the person injured is able to prove negligence on the part of the property owner, or other responsible parties.

The Todd J. Leonard Law Firm is experienced in representing those injured while at work or at remote work locations due to ice and snow. Our New Jersey personal injury law firm has over 25 years of experience filing workers compensation claims on behalf of injured workers and pursuing additional claims against third party property managers or owners as well as companies responsible to perform snow and ice remediation services.

Our New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyers will immediately investigate your claim, hire the appropriate experts and make sure that your legal rights are protected. We have been privileged to represents thousands of individuals injured in all types of serious personal injuries accidents and wrongful death claims.

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