April 20, 2013

Getting your medical bills paid following a car accident in New Jersey

A car accident can happen at anytime. If your injured following an auto accident in New Jersey its important to know how your medical bills will be paid under your car insurance policy. Each auto insurance policy has a clause for personal injury protection benefits (commonly known as pip) to get your bills paid. In New Jersey if you own a car or live with a resident relative who has a car that is insured you can get your bills paid after a automobile accident from either your insurance company or from your resident relative’s insurance policy. If you are injured in a car accident and do not own a car of your own and do not live with a resident relative you can apply to a fund called NJ PLIGA (New Jersey Property Liability Insurance Guaranty Association) to get your bills paid. There are strict mandates to be eligible for NJPLIGA.

Car Insurance Deductibles in New Jersey

All car insurance policies in New Jersey have various deductibles that you can select. The pip deductibles range from $250.00 to $2,500. Once you meet your deductible your insurance company will pay 80% of your medical bills on the first $5,000.00 After you reach your full co-payment amount ,they will then pay 100 percent on all medical bills they process after they apply fee scheduling or audits to the bills subject to your personal injury protection limits.

Automobile insurance policies offer various pip limits usually ranging from $15,000 up to $250,000.00 with New Jersey residents also offered the option to select their private insurance carriers as the primary payers of their medical bills.

It is highly recommended that you go over this important insurance clause with your agent so that you fully understand the impact of your selection for the payment of your medical bills following a car accident. Most New Jersey car insurance policy holders select the $250.00 deductible and the $250,000 pip limits.

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