New Jersey's Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day

It’s an uncomfortable truth that, though the word “accident” is used to describe almost any vehicle collision, most collisions are, in fact, due to a driver’s negligence. As such, many collisions could have been prevented with more diligent driving and ...

Aggressive Drivers and Motor Vehicle Accidents in New Jersey. What Are Your Rights?

You’ve probably heard people describe themselves as an “aggressive driver”. When “aggressive” means “assertive” or “assured”, then aggressive driving isn’t necessarily dangerous. Truly aggressive driving, though, is dangerous, and is a growing problem. The State of New Jersey’s Department of ...

Injuries Caused by Poorly Designed or Constructed Roadways

The negligence or carelessness of other drivers is not the only cause of many motor vehicle accidents. Often, an accident could have been avoided, or was directly caused by the poor or negligent design or construction of the road. A ...

New Jersey Automobile Insurance Policies Affect Your Rights

In New Jersey every year or twice a year, we all have to make decisions on our car insurance policies. While we are all concerned about our premiums it is important to know that your decisions will effect your rights ...

Car Accidents on Icy Street or Highways

It is very important during the winter months to be aware of the changing weather conditions and the rapidly changing road conditions as well. It is very important to drive carefully and make sure you have the proper distances between ...
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