What Are Common Head Injuries?

Posted on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013    

Throughout the U.S., there are thousands of head injuries that occur every year. Whether they were caused by a car accident, collision involving a pedestrian, bicycle incident or other method of negligent behavior, head injuries of any kind can be detrimental. While some people can walk away with minor bumps and scrapes from accidents like these, there are many cases where the damage that is done is far worse.

Fractures in the Skull – Any type of crack or break in the structure of the skull can have lasting effects, especially if it occurs on a child. With the proper treatment, many kids have been known to recover, but only after expensive medical treatment and careful observation. The length of recovery is also entirely dependent upon how long and deep the fracture is.

Hemorrhages in the Brain – This refers to bleeding that occurs in the brain after some sort of trauma has been induced. It can occur in the protective tissue, between the outer coating of the brain and skull, or between the brain’s outer coating and the brain tissue itself. Immediate medical attention is required any time that someone takes a serious blow to the head, as they could experience hemorrhaging without knowing it.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – The varying levels of TBI can include everything from mild harm to a life-threatening issue. Unfortunately, many of these horribly injuries can cause extensive neurological damage. Common traumatic injuries include the following:

  • Contusions: bruised or swollen tissue
  • Concussions: spinning of the brain itself after a hit to the head
  • Diffuse Axonal Injuries: head is pushed back and forth very quickly, which damages the white matter—the very substance that helps send messages throughout the central nervous system
  • Penetrating Injuries: any time the brain’s outer lining is pierced, either by pieces of the skull if the head is hit hard enough, or by outside factors such as a blade or bullet

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Of course there are numerous reasons why someone could end up with a serious head injury, but probably the most common one is related to motor vehicle accidents. Whether a pedestrian crossing the street is hit by a car, a truck smashes into the side of an automobile or a driver accidentally turns right into a bicyclist, each of these scenarios could easily result in horrific head trauma. In fact, in 2010 over 4,000 pedestrians were killed due to traffic accidents and about 70,000 individuals were injured. Pedestrians are perhaps the most vulnerable to head injuries from car accidents, due to the fact that there is nothing standing between them and a heavy car, truck or bus colliding with them.

If you have been the victim of a head injury, caused by someone else’s negligence, do not hesitate to retain the legal representation of a qualified New Jersey personal injury lawyer. No matter how it happened or how severe the aftermath is, our team at the Todd J. Leonard Law Firm is prepared to assist you, should you choose to contact us.

Obtaining Millions for Past Clients

We have had great success in the past, helping clients suffering from various car accidents and even obtaining significant compensation for those with traumatic brain injuries. Our Certified Civil Trial Lawyer attained a $29,500,000 settlement for a family whose son is dealing with traumatic brain injuries after he was hit by a vehicle while on a motorized scooter. In another incident, we received nearly 3 million for a woman who experienced TBI after she lost control of her car due to a road defect.

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