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If you have been seriously injured or lost a loved one as a result of any type of fatal accident in New Jersey such as a car accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, bus accident, truck accident, workplace accident, train accident, drunk driving accident, sexual assault, inadequate security, product liability, or slip and fall accident, it is important to retain our experienced trusted New Jersey Accident attorneys who are dedicated to doing their best to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Our team of New Jersey Personal Injury Trial Lawyers have obtained millions of dollars for our clients for over 45 years following all types of fatal and serious accidents including catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries(TBI), amputations, fractures, nerve injuries, Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), and serious burns. Both partners, Todd Leonard and Scott Leonard are Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Certified Civil Trial Lawyers and have been selected by their peers as New Jersey Super Lawyers.

Our New Jersey personal injury attorneys are dedicated to providing the best possible personal injury representation and many lawyers throughout New Jersey and the United States refer their serious personal injury and wrongful death claims to our office. We treat our clients like family. If you have questions or concerns regarding your particular case, please contact an experienced New Jersey Accident Attorney today to schedule a free confidential and informative case evaluation. We have offices conveniently located in Morristown, Springfield, Newark and Woodbridge, New Jersey. Click here or call us toll free at (888) 511-8853. There is never a fee unless we obtain a recovery.


Automobile Accident

Middlesex County New Jersey Settlement – Automobile Accident – A teenager was a passenger in a friend's car in Middlesex County, NJ which lost control and struck a tree resulting in a serious bladder injury.


Truck Accident

Warren County New Jersey Federal District Court, Newark, New Jersey Settlement - Truck Accident- A man in his sixties from Pennsylvania, was rear ended by a tractor trailer on route 78 in Warren County, New Jersey while in the course of employement sustaining injuries to his neck and back. He had underwent back surgery within a year of the accident and this accident aggravated his pre-existing condition. He then was required to undergo additional back surgery including a lumbar fusion with multi-level instrumentation. Our office hired an economist to calcuate his wage and household expenses losses and obtained other expert reports. The case settled during mediation.


Workplace Injury

Middlesex County New Jersey Settlement – Workplace Injury – A man in his forties filed a lawsuit against his employer as a result of sustaining serious personal injuries when he was given a defective garbage truck to use in Oldbridge, NJ even though there was a serious safety issues with the truck. Our office was successful in defeating the defendant’s motion for summary judgment based on the worker’s compensation bar since the employers conduct was so egregious. We hired various experts to prove our case. The case settled after mediation.


Slip and Fall

Union County New Jersey Settlement – Slip and Fall – A woman in her sixties from Elizabeth New Jersey slipped and fell on ice on the sidewalk at her apartment complex in Elizabeth, NJ suffering leg injuries resulting in a total knee replacement. We retained a liability expert to establish liability.


Civil Rights Claim

Essex County New Jersey Settlement, Federal District Court Newark, New Jersey– Civil Rights Claim – A Newark man in his forties was attending his son’s hockey game in Newark, NJ when he was assaulted by an off-duty police officer who was working for a security firm. Our client sustained a significant ankle fracture resulting in multiple surgeries. Our office had filed a suit based on violations of his civil rights under 42 USC 1983 as well as state law claims.


Product Liability - Workplace Accident

Morris County New Jersey Settlement - Product liability workplace accident- A man in his 40s sustained serious personal injuries to his neck and vocal cord, while in the course of employment in Rockaway, New Jersey , when he got trapped in a machine. Our office filed suit against the manufacturer based on claims that they placed a defective product into the stream of commerce. We also sued the employer for discovery purposes to learn more about the accident and the equipment. The defendant manufacturer denied liability and our office engaged in significant discovery including taking the depositions of numerous witnesses and defendant representatives. We also hired a professional engineer to inspect the machine and all of the discovery exchanged, as well as an orthopedist and vocal cord expert to assist our office in proving our case. After an extensive mediation session with a retired judge, we settled the case.


Workplace Injury - Car Accidents

Middlesex County New Jersey binding Arbitration Award- Workplace Injury- Car Accidents- A man in his forties from Middlesex County sustained serious injuries in two separate car accidents while in the course of his employment. As a result of these accidents he aggravated pre-existing conditions to his back and injured his shoulder. He required a lumbar fusion and also shoulder surgery. We engaged in extensive discovery and reviewed his entire medical history to prove that the new accidents aggravated his prior conditions. We settled with each of the insurance companies for the accidents for their full policy limits and then proceeded to binding Under-Insured Motorist Arbitration.


Product Liability and Auto Accident

Passaic County New Jersey Settlement and Judgement – Product Liability and Auto Accident. A young boy while operating a motorized scooter was struck by a motorist in Wayne, New Jersey. Our office filed a lawsuit on behalf of the severely injured boy and his family against the driver, the helmet manufacturer, local dealer, as well as the manufacturer of the scooter. Our client sustained a significant traumatic brain injury. We hired numerous experts to establish liability and the nature and extent of his damages which required life long medical care.


Drunk Driving Accident

Judgment in Union County New Jersey– Drunk Driving Accident- A young woman was struck by a drunk driver while crossing a street in Elizabeth, NJ. She sustained serious internal injuries and amputation of her leg.


Road Defect

Warren County New Jersey Settlement – Road Defect – Woman in her twenties lost control on an icy road as a result of a road defect. She sustained a traumatic brain injury. We worked closely with our clients' traumatic brain injury doctors and rehabilitation counselor. We also hired a professional engineer and accident reconstructionist to establish liability against the responsible parties and a life care planner and economist on the damage aspects of this catastrophic claim. The case settled at the time of trial.

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